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Rolex launched the world's first blue-black color Cerachrom words ring in 2013. This integrally molded sheet ring consists of two contrasting colors of the blue and black half and half, flawless. This year, Rolex further demonstrate extraordinary strength technology and aesthetics in. Oyster Perpetual GMT -Master II watch red and blue color Cerachrom words ring configuration on the design and in 1955 came the first GMT-Master outer ring echoes. This word reflects two laps while more results, first of all, the production of red ceramic word circle high degree of difficulty, so red is rare even in ceramics; Upon completion of the red part, then we have to adjust the chemical composition of each tablet ceramic by inside to outside, the half circle from red to blue word, but also to ensure that the two colors contrast clear.

The whole word turns red and blue Cerachrom distinct red section represents 6:00 to 18:00, the blue represents the 18:00 to 6:00. Words ring integrally molded, extremely strong, in line with Rolex watches superior quality and reliable performance requirements. Like all Rolex Cerachrom words ring, this design has a superior scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if not fade by ultraviolet radiation, the shape is equally attention. Ceramic glossy circle the word appear more three-dimensional, while improving the color effects, reminiscent of the first GMT-Master watch Plexiglas Plexiglas word circle. Engraved above figures and progressive scale are Rolex patented PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition, Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology to fill a thin layer of platinum. Modification of its depth and matte, polished surface and contrasting words ring produce three-dimensional effect, clearly legible.

The new GMT-Master II is equipped with red and blue color Cerachrom word circle, this appears unique high-tech ceramic components, also from the 2005 cheap rolex watches developed since Cerachrom word laps add several patents. This design combines superior technology Cerachrom words ring performance, as well as GMT-Master classic color styling, but continues the tradition of Rolex, has been innovation, breaking boundaries.

Since Rolex GMT-Master watches available in 1955, its 24-hour progressive scale rotation of the outer ring of red and blue color will be particularly eye-catching. Additional pointers per 24 hours a week will rotate around the surface, so that the pilot was working in the rapidly expanding international aviation business, which can be read time when the two. Vibrant red and blue design, stark visual contrast to ensure that this professional watch more legible. The outer ring of the first GMT-Master first coated red and blue color, red and blue half and half, then add transparent Plexiglas Plexiglas coating. This mode of production so that the color can be presented through the Plexiglas Plexiglas coating, making the outer ring more three-dimensional. In 1959, the brand to produce a color word anodized aluminum rings, replacing the original word Plexiglas Plexiglas circle. Later, other color combinations have come out, such as a combination of brown and gold watches James Bond, or 1982 launch burgundy and black color GMT-Master II watch. However, in the minds of many GMT-Master lovers, red and blue color of the outer ring is always the classic features of this watch.

After years of research, Rolex developed a high-performance components ─ ─ patent Cerachrom words ring fitted to the rotation of the outer ring in 2005. Polished surface of the ceramic word circle is extremely scratch resistant, and exudes a deep and lasting luster, and coated with a thin layer of gold or platinum and precisely engraved figures and in stark contrast to the progressive scale. Ceramic material is durable, extremely scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if it will not fade by ultraviolet radiation. To be innovative and perfect Rolex concerned, this material is ideal for replacing anodized aluminum. Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is the Oyster family's first technology integration Cerachrom words ring watch, ring in the new Cerachrom character introduced in 2005, with a full black design.

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